Direct Selling

The Direct selling programme provides information, advice and practical meetings for businesses involved in direct meat sales covering farm shops, farmers markets and box schemes focusing on meat quality and profitability.

Our skills and knowledge transfer work is carried out through a programme of direct communications with businesses involved in direct meat sales combined with practical events across England, backed up by informative literature and other resources.

The sections list on the left gives you more detail on the key areas including:

  • Carcase costings and versatility – use of new cutting techniques to maximise the value of the carcase and range of cuts produced.
  • Meat Quality – key factors along the supply chain that influence the quality of the meat produced.
  • Legislative requirements – guidelines on the legal requirements for meat labelling and establishing a cutting room
  • Meat Marketing – promotional support is available free of charge together with information on marketing opportunities to develop and run a successful meat business.
  • Establishing a new meat retail business – if you are considering getting involved in meat retailing information is available to help you get started.

For further information and details on our direct selling events and farm shop promotional kits please contact the QSM hotline on 0845 491 8787.